How Story Structure Relates to Our Lives

A Wonderful, insightful, and concise post on stucture. Enjoy.

A Writer's Path


by Sue Coletta

I’ve become a structure-holic. I see it everywhere: books, TV, movies, and in life. This obsession has now spilled over into my blog, because I firmly believe knowing how to structure our novels is crucial. It ensures our stories flow properly, shows our character arc, and gives readers satisfaction. When it comes to writing fiction, it’s everything.

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2 thoughts on “How Story Structure Relates to Our Lives

  1. I first became interested in structure as a songwriter. It’s even more pronounced in writing. I find it interesting how certain genres, such as romance and westerns, have templates (or recipes) that readers expect authors to follow.

    i.e. Romance; boy meets girl, they fall in love, conflicts arise, they break up, they resolve their issues, happy ending. I realize there are multiple variations to this formula, but it’s a common thread we’ve all seen repeated a million times and never fails to please the audience.

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