May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

imagesTo My Irish Readers  images


May you always have,

A sunbeam to warm you

Good Luck to charm you,

imagesimagesAnd a sheltering angel

So, nothing can harm you.

Laughter to cheer you, 

Faithful friends near you

And, whenever you pray,

Heaven to hear you.

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”  An Irish Blessing. Click to Tweet


Happy New Year From The Cow Pasture

images-4Happy New Year! May 2017 be the best year you hoped for and may all your dreams come true. Big thanks to all my fence jumpers and guests who have taken a stroll through the pasture or stayed for a visit and conversation. Each of you helped make a challenging year, brighter.

In the meantime, smile. A new day is dawning.


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The Reason Behind the Season | COW PASTURE CHRONICLES

Christmas Day is less than a week away. It’s a time for family, swapping gifts, enjoying a banquet of food, and reflecting. In the midst of this joyful time, our country is in tumult and many…

Source: The Reason Behind the Season | COW PASTURE CHRONICLES

Trains and Planes (but probably not boats)

Guest Contributor Wendy Unsworth

img_1923This week, like many, many people, I will be traveling home for Christmas. There will be several stops along the way. Purchasing tickets, planning the whole thing out, has prompted me to ponder on where home is for me these days and in a wider sense, the meaning of home.
I have always been a wanderer! Unlike my siblings and wider family who have all stayed in our hometown, on the Lincolnshire coast of England throughout their lives, I moved away in my twenties and just kept going.img_0038
I think it must be that way for many who leave the family area; they go seeking something new and then move again and again.

I’m certainly not complaining; travel, I believe, has greatly enriched my life. It has also taught me a great deal. There have been wonderful experiences, excitement and times that simply remind me how precious life and health are.

No one who has seen a img_1924Zambian mother, nursing a child, sick with malaria, laid low during a military coup, or been cut off by flood waters, will ever feel that they have a right or need to endlessly moan about the late bus or the long queue at the post office. Or whether the supermarket is going to change the stock around again so that you can’t find a damn thing…

So, home to me has been many places and, in all the most important ways, those places are still home. When I think of them, I miss them all, and if I were there right now, I know I would feel part of it again, and feel as though I was home.

At present, I am spending half of my time in Scotland where my ‘official’ home is (that’s where all the bills land!) but also a lot of time in the Alentejo region of Portugal where my son and his beautiful young family live. This area of Portugal is dotted with cork oak forest, and small hamlets and the pace of Life is slow.


In Scotland, I have the advantage of living in a similarly, small community (with my daughter and son-in-law) but also within easy reach of beautiful, historic Edinburgh or the magnificent and wild Highlands.img_1925
I am not enamored of concrete jungles and always feel at my best with nature around me. So rather than think of home I like to think of my special places and the special people who inhabit them. Some of them I will probably never go back to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think of them. Amongst those people, family, friends and sometimes strangers, I know I would always feel welcome and a part of their world.

So wherever you are this Christmas, in the heat of the sun or knee-deep in snow, I wish you the company of those dear to you and the feeling that you are home. A glass of wine, a gift or two and, of course, a good book!

Merry Christmas.


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10 Reasons To Be Thankful

images-6It’s hard to believe the holidays are here. One minute I was enjoying the summer breeze and the next watching the leaves color the horizon.

From the end of September until after the New Year, time flies. I can remember my mother saying the same thing. Maybe it’s an aging thing – I don’t know.

I might not like it, but one thing the passage of time does is make you realize the significance of the little things. This Thanksgiving I wanted to share with you the things of which I am grateful.

10 Reasons I’m Thankful:

  1. Time might be fleeting, but it also heals.
  2. God’s gift to me – my children (both adults). I may not have done everything right but as a mom, but they are my joy.
  3. My grandchildren, their love, laughter, and innocence.
  4. For the steady hand of my husband, through the good and bad times.
  5. I’m grateful for my own strong will and spirit – it has gotten me through many a dark time.
  6. I’m thankful for our country, the liberties, prosperities, and security it affords us.
  7. For my mind (what’s left of it) and the ability to share my words with the world.
  8. The capacity to adapt to my physical limitations – soon to discover just how well I do.
  9. This blog – which without so many things would have been left undiscovered.
  10. You – my friends, readers, colleagues, the CPC Contributors, and kindred spirits.

It’s amazing when you actively think with gratitude how many things come to mind. Try it – the act of writing it down or saying the words aloud will move you.

To each of you, may you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God bless you all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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