Deny All You Want

The Daily Post  PromptDeny

There are times I get distracted. You know:
  • Going into one room to do something only to have another something catch your eye …
  • Bending down to pick up a cracker crumb from the kitchen floor and noticing the nasty baseboard …
  • Walking into Walmart for one item and coming out with a cart …
  • Searching for a document on your computer and spending the day re-organizing your entire file system …
  • Starting one story and getting highjacked by another …

I have a name for this and no, it isn’t dementia (Although, I wouldn’t ask my husband) – I call it – the squirrels are loose. More recently, however, I’ve come to realize it’s something more sinister  – Mother! 

Yep, the ghost of my mother is haunting me. She’s not only dancing in the middle of the squirrels, she’s leading the choir.

Women can deny it all they want that they’re nothing like their mother, but the older we get, the more we become our mothers. And, don’t give me that sappy crap, “I would be honored to be like my mother.” Bull malarkey! Okay, maybe one or two of you … but, I digress.

Growing up, mother was our version of Mr. Clean, and let me tell you, baldy couldn’t  hold a candle to mom!

By the time I was a teenager, I knew how to vacuum, mop, strip and wax floors, scrub tile grout, baseboards, and make windows sparkle! You would have thought the Pope was coming for Sunday dinner (we were Baptist, but still).

When she cleaned house, she supervised. At the time I thought I had the meanest mother on the earth, but I did learn some valuable lessons along the way:

  •  “If you don’t do it right the first time, you’ll just have to do it again.” 
  • “You don’t have to have a lot of money, but you can be clean.”
  • “Hard work never hurt nobody.”
  • “I know the definition of elbow grease – “Put some elbow grease in that.”

I’m sure there are more, but my mind has wandered. So, back to my long, drawn-out point – See?

Last week, while picking up a crumb, I noticed my baseboards, which lead to me (yes me) painting every baseboard in my line of sight, 4 doors, reorganizing my junk drawers, pantry, closet, re-installing my computer software, and joining the Chapter Buzz, 10,000-word Challenge for October!

My arthritic body is faring better than I expected, but my mind is tired as hell. I think I might be possessed.So, yes deny all you want that you look, act, or say things like your mother – but it happens to the best of us, like it or not.

So, yes deny all you want that you look, act, or say things like your mother – but it happens to the best of us, like it or not.

P.S. Did I tell you I’m making homemade sweet potato jerky for my Bichon because they’re her favorite and the stores stopped carrying them?!!

Jesus, mom! Give it a rest!

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A Fun Organizational Tool for Folders

I know, maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I’m a nut when it comes to organizing things – sometimes to the extreme. Oh wait, that sounds a lot like an obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Let’s not go there, shall we? That’s another subject … Anywhoo, here’s a little trick to help organize all those boring folders and files on your computer.

Here’s what your document file looks like, now:

Post on Icons.png

Step 1: Collect your favorite Icons. You can find them via Google, copy and file in pictures/images folder for easy access.

Icons Posts 5.png

Step 2:  Right click and copy the desired Icon.

icon post 3.png

Step 3: Right Click on a folder and pull up “Get info” – it will look like this. Right-click on the small folder next to the name and paste the copy of your selected icon.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 7.21.38 PM.png

Step 4: Viola! Your document folders now have a personality of their own!

Icon Post 6.png

It’s a good way to organize those pesky boring files, but I must warn you. The process can be very addicting. Happy organizing!


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Such an Old-Fashioned Word


Aw, such an old-fashioned word. Homage – a noun; defined as – respect, honor, reverence, worship, admiration, esteem, adulation, tribute, acknowledgment, recognition, and accolade; memorial services are an example. It’s a word we rarely if ever hear in our daily conversation and certainly rarely see exercised, at least the way I remember.

When I was growing up, certain values and behaviors were expected. It was the norm to honor our elders, parents, teachers, police, fireman, pastors, and most especially our leaders.

Our parents taught us to respect the individuals serving in these roles for the extraordinary contribution each one made to make our lives better, be it a home, education, or nation where we could grow and prosper. Today, it would appear those receiving recognition are the least deserving.

Sadly, paying homage is not only an old-fashioned word but an antiquated practice trampled beneath the feet of political correctness; our loss for sure.

“The Greatest Homage We Can Pay Truth is to Use it.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Click to Tweet


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Mayhem in the Cow Pasture

Stock Up/ Picjumbo

Okay, maybe the title is a bit melodramatic, but then it seems appropriate given the craziness everywhere else. Anywhoo, that’s another topic for another day; let’s move on.

No the mayhem to which I refer is all on my WordPress blog. You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks, some changes taking place in the Cow Pasture. Here’s why and what’s been happening. I’m sharing this because if you have a WordPress blog, you may be seeing some of the same behavior or glitches.

Have you noticed any of the following?

  • Your blog pages loading slowly.
  • Blog freezing when you’re trying to post.
  • Page insight analysis shows a drop in speed. This tool, it identifies ways to make your site faster and more mobile-friendly.
  • Strange strings of code showing up in your blog posts.

At first, I thought it might be my computer. So, I did all the appropriate checks – no malware, no viruses, nothing from my MAC seemed to be causing this. The biggest and most mysterious issue I discovered, were pages of code attached to my blog postings. Here’s a portion of the code (usually at least two pages long) and what it looks like. Rest assured this is a photo copy of the code.

I notified WordPress Support, and we’ve been on the hunt for the cause for weeks. In the meantime, their recommendation was for me to go through 520+ posts and delete the strange string of code, manually! For the love of God! Seriously?

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s a time sucking demon and here’s the catch. On occasions, it reappears after I’ve deleted it. Can you say, lost in a circle of hell? So, for whatever reason, revisions it appears (whether a word or paragraph) can trigger this code. It has taken at least 3-4 engineers from WordPress working with me to try to figure this out. I’m not sure we have, but among the causes so far (we think) include:

  • links
  • Revisions
  • And, in particular, images from Pinterest.

A definitive cause has not been discovered. So, for the time being, I’m on a scavenger hunt looking for this damnable code that’s hiding in plain sight in over 520+ posts, pages, and images.

Other issues have been identified Page Insights, as well. Which explains each problem and how to fix it. However, this creates, even more, confusion for me. 1) it all looks like jibberish; as do the instructions, and 2) WordPress does not give us the option to add plugins (which might be helpful) unless you’re at the business level. As a result, WordPress has told me they’re responsible for correcting this stuff. Really? These are typically the issues Page Insights will identify.

  1. Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  2. Optimize CSS Delivery
  3. Leverage browser caching
  4. Minify JavaScript
  5. Enable compression
  6. Minify CSS
  7. Minify HTML

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent going through my blog making sure every image is optimized, compressed, and deleting the rogue code. A couple of suggestions and helpful resources I’ve found to date are:

For image optimization/compression: 

  1. ImageOptim – offering a downloadable MAC version as well as a WEB version and supports JPEG, SVG, anim GIF, and PNG.
  2. Compressor – 4 file formats supported – JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG.
  3. Compress JPEG – Supports JPEG, PNG, PDF’s.
  4. HTML Compressor – which I’ve just discovered and will get back to you on its effectiveness.

Long story short, the Cow Pasture with much love and attention, is healing. However, should you encounter a post with a missing picture or other, please be patient – WordPress and I are working on the problem.

I recommend should discover the same code in your posts, please notify WordPress support. Additionally, if you have experienced something similar or have answers or suggestions, please let know.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Join the conversation. Talk to me or tell me your story. I’m all ears.