Where Writers Get Stuck: Marketing

And, you thought the work was done when you typed “The End.” Nope, it’s just beginning. Check out this post by Allison Maruska to help you get started in marketing your book.

Allison Maruska

Before I get started on today’s topic, I want to express a huge thank you to everyone who supported my fundraiser for Houston disaster relief or gave directly to an organization that will help people in need. We are seeing the best of America coming through every day, and if there’s a silver lining to everything that’s happened there, I think that’s it.

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Now, it’s time for the super secret post you’ve all been waiting for. Remember this Twitter poll?


It launched this whole mini-series on where writers get stuck. Be sure to check out planning, drafting, editing and revising, and querying or publishing if those are your personal struggles. While the poll was live, this comment happened:


So, to wrap up this series, let’s talk marketing! Is everyone excited??

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I know. I can’t fake it very well. But stick with me. It’ll be worth it.


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To Clara: Regarding Your Critique

I don’t often reblog, not because there isn’t a mountain of beautiful posts out there worth sharing. I tried to offer my readers my thoughts and stories (for whatever that’s worth), but once in a while I come across a post, article, or story that is so profound, so moving, or simply amazing that I must share – not doing so, would be remiss of me.

There are a couple of blogs I will be sharing this week with you and first up is from The Drabble: To Clara: Regarding Your Critique by Keith T. Hoerner. This is one of the most moving and poignant pieces I have ever read, and it’s is something all writers can relate.


By Keith T. Hoerner

You shared your writing with me. An extension of friendship, like a handshake. More like the reaching out of hands with the chance to be held – or swatted – open palmed. Sharing … emptying pockets to reveal hidden things among the embarrassment of collected lint, is a dangerous proposition. Your shadows merged with mine, achieving the density of darkness that brings on the dawn. How can I thank you? For selflessly taking my hands and guiding me to an unknown resting place within the pages of you. I spoke in an attempt to reciprocate. My words: sandpaper to your beach of memory.

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