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6 thoughts on “Contributors Contact Page

  1. Hi again, Sheila – I would be very happy to contribute from time to time – just wondering what kind of commitment you are looking for? Are you wanting very regular articles or just when time permits? It would be a good opportunity for me as I am hoping to increase my reach over the next few months but also want to be sure I can deliver what you need before I sign up!
    Good luck with the surgery, it sounds like it will really slow you down for a while but I do hope it has the desired results – take care x

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    • Hi Wendy, Thanks for your interest. I am trying to schedule at least one post a week. Your commitment is based on your availability – so, you set the frequency. I don’t want this to be an added burden for anyone. Excited to have you, so check out the guidelines, fill out the registration page and when you’re ready I am. Thanks


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