The Great Divide


There are many directions I could take this prompt, however, given the fact we are already a divided country on just about every issue imaginable, I’ll stick to something more specific to me.  I call it the great divide – that space between what I plan to accomplish on any given day and those things I actually accomplish.

I’m an organizer by nature or perhaps by genetics (blame my mother) and in the past, all that organizing has helped me get things done promptly. Not so much anymore. The older I get, the more paralyzing it has become and the greater the divide.

20071126-todo-listDivision of any kind is unproductive and when it seems to be between my two ears; it is a bit worrisome.

Most days I’m able to focus and strike a line through every item on my to-do-list. Other times? I’m lucky if I write a sentence with the letters going in the right direction!

If this aging thing gets any more exciting, y’all might just get to see me tap dancing. Until then, I’ll divide my tasks minute by minute and hope to hell I get something finished.


7 thoughts on “The Great Divide

  1. I used to be pretty organized, but now I’m pretty organized and I guess I have been for a while now. I guess that Great Divide maybe wasn’t so Great, since I don’t know when or how or why it happened. It just did!

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