Blogging Made Easier: Five Tricks You Should Know

More changes from WordPress to make blogging easier. Thanks, WordPress.

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Writing interesting blog posts, creating attractive pages, and interacting with your visitors — these are essential ways to help you build a body of work, a successful business, or a growing audience online.

I’m part of a team focused on design and research at — I like to find ways to improve your experience, and to help you reach your website or blogging goals. In this post, I’ve compiled five of our favorite features that streamline your publishing experience and help you make an impact with your work faster.

Post Settings That You Can Hide

We’ve recently moved things around a bit in the editor. The settings for your post or page are now on the right — and can be hidden! Just click the cogwheel icon above your toolbar.

hide-show-sidebar.gifIf you yearn for a more minimal experience, hide the post settings so you can focus on your…

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You Can Now Schedule Your Social Media Posts from

Thank you, WordPress! If you’re looking for ways to coordinate blogging with social media. WordPress just made things easier for us. Check it out!

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Keeping up with social media can feel like a full-time job these days — and for many it is. Posting your content on Twitter and Facebook during specific hours, and keeping things evenly spaced out, means that you need to tend to your profiles pretty often.

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