Maggie’s Lesson in Democracy

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#152     That’s democracy…


Nell turned to her thirteen-year-old daughter, Maggie.

“Since we live in a democracy, you know, ‘consent of the governed,’ shouldn’t I get a vote?”

Nell admired her daughter’s spunk. “A vote?”

“I feel like I’m living under autocratic rule with you the self-appointed ruler.”

“I’m your mother and, by law, responsible for you.”


“Actually, our democracy is practiced in the form of a republic, which provides checks and balances and an establishment able to thump an unruly mob on its head.”


“At home, you’re the unruly mob and I’m the check and balances. That’s democracy, sweetheart.”

12 thoughts on “Maggie’s Lesson in Democracy

  1. I wish this supposed democracy would give Obama a thump on the head. Nobody is above the law, not even him. I do agree the basic tenants should be learned at home without this how can one grow up to be a responsible adult.


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