A Family Affair

Photo courtesy of Google and blog.andybrouwer.co.uk

Five Sentence Fiction – Family

Lil’s leg bounced in a non-stop nervous twitch as she stared at the one-way mirror. Shivering, she pulled her sweater tight against the chill of the bare room and wondered who stood on the other side watching.

It’d always been a running joke; if anything happened to Rob, Lil would be the first person they’d scrutinize; especially after they pulled her reading list of true crime and murder from the library.

Rob used to joke she knew 350 ways to kill him and get away with it. If they got hold of her own works of fiction, she might as well kiss the rest of the family good-bye; Rob would have been half right.

4 thoughts on “A Family Affair

    • So glad you liked it. I’m thinking of developing the story about more. We’ll see thanks so much for stopping by the Cow Pasture. I hope to read more comments from you.


    • I’m so glad you liked it. I always appreciate comments. You want more Check out my top posts, and the tab at the top, Stories in Flash. I’m happy you have joined my fellow fence jumpers and look forward to hearing from you again soon. BTW, love your blog!


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