What The Hell Was I Thinking?

Okay. I admit I bit off more than I can chew with my 2012 writing resolutions and let’s see…oh, it’s only day four of 2012! I’m so frazzled I had to check a calendar! Four days into the new year and I don’t know what day it is. Perfect. What do you expect? I’m new at this, AND I had this insanely jacked up muse who reappeared after sneaking off with Santa’s helper, for an exotic vacation from who knows where, ready to go.

My God, Mr. Elf has her smiling and oozing energy into the atmosphere. Hell, even I’m tingling. Does he have a brother?

Anyway, I’m not sure now if it was her or the glass ball dropping in Time Square, but the ideas for getting the writing ball rolling (no pun intended) were just bouncing around the room. She squealed with delight as our plan began to take shape, and I ran around going “Yeah, I can do that, sure, sounds great! “After all, I’m retired, piece of cake. 500 words a day, a blog, a short story, one word writing exercises daily, writing prompts, join another writer’s group, hell, seemed easy. Especially with the wine we were consuming.

Well, it was New Year’s Eve. Only problem… life gets in the way of grand schemes.

Little things like husbands – who call right when you sit down to write those 500 words – “Honey, I need you to come pick me up, I’ve left my car at the mechanic’s,” or the dogs that need walking- you can’t very well let them do their business in the house. The laundry- can only pile so high before you have to give in and do it. I tried running loads while writing, but somehow I kept losing focus, I can’t imagine why? And there’s always the unexpected visitor, the dreaded grocery day- I hate grocery day and our children – OMG our children – need I say more?

So, yeah looks as though I might want to reevaluate my resolutions. I might have been a little over zealous in listening to a giggling over satisfied muse back from a romp with her Elf, but for now, I’ll keep pushing myself. I may not reach every goal, but at least I won’t be idle.

Here’s, to achieving our writing goals in 2012!


One thought on “What The Hell Was I Thinking?

  1. I started blogging about two and a half years ago. I've learned a lot since then. One of my goals this year is to go back and rewrite some of my "series" posts from previous years. I've got a much clearer idea now of what I need to include and what I need to leave out. So keep writing with authenticity. That's where we all find our voices.http://www.tomkeplerswritingblog.com/


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