2012 Resolutions

The New Year is about to dawn and with it, a promise to myself to do better. I had a pretty good start last year and then faltered for many reasons and too many lousy excuses. Funny how that happens even when pursuing our dreams. Life just gets in the way, and excuses become easy.

Learning a new craft is exhausting and trying on the family. Oftentimes, explaining the time commitment required to learn and grow becomes the thing most exhausting leading to writers block or down time. For me, I had a bout with the flu, and then the audacity of my muse taking off with Santa’s helper for a long vacation, didn’t help either. But, it looks like we’ll be back on schedule first of the year. I’ve put a plan together to help keep me focused and hopefully move forward in pursuit of my dream. Wish me luck, The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions!

My  2012  Resolutions  are:

1. Write at least 500 words a day on my novel in progress – Hello Hell

2. Do oneword. com every morning, as a writing exercise.

3. Improve my blog and blog weekly.

4. Utilize writing prompts for short stories; seek publication.

5. Write a  new short story at least bi-weekly.

6. Submit to contest and literary magazines.

7. Expand my writer’s groups.

8. Organize my writing files.

2 thoughts on “2012 Resolutions

  1. H S too much egg nog last night? An ambitious and admirable list; if I wore a hat I'd tip it to you. Be sure and tie a bell to your muse so she doesn't wonder off again, they have a tendency to do that. Lay that plan carefully, remember that old saying about plans…. All I can say is my darling. Go with God, the year is just starting. LOL


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