Words Worth Repeating


I read an article today that, given this new reality I find myself wading through, really resonated with me. The article, posted on Medium and written by James Ardis is worth taking the time to read and give it some thought to. Never Sacrifice Your Happiness for Writing.

If you’re anything like me – a type A personality – you want to be the best at whatever you’re attempting to achieve.  When I began writing it was no different. Some weeks I devoted a lot of time and energy and sacrificed time with family and friends; far more than I should have. Now, given my current situation, I find myself asking – Was it worth it? Or was it an indulgent waste of time?

Yes, I accomplished some goals. I published a small short story collection, that didn’t burn up Amazon and I completed a novel. The novel remains on the shelf for now, but publishing it is still in my sights.
Whatever circumstances may come into our lives, it’s worth taking time to examine the priorities in that rule our life. Writing may be one of the priorities we want to hold onto, but just maybe it shouldn’t take first place.

We have so little time. When it is gone it’s gone. And, it’s important to ask – How do I want to be remembered? Always at the keyboard? Or, remembered as someone loved by many, who lived for every moment?

“But the truth of the matter is: you can create amazing work and protect your emotional well-being at the same time.” James Ardis    Click to Tweet

I hope you enjoy the article and drop James a line. Here’s to writing and living to the fullest.


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7 thoughts on “Words Worth Repeating

  1. When I retired, the plan was to speed a couple of hours per day writing. That hasn’t happened. It isn’t because I wouldn’t like to. My wife is also at home and we do more things together, which is not all bad. A couple of times a week she hangs out with a girlfriend or goes shopping. That’s when I write. I still love creating stories and am halfway through writing my third book, Criminal Mimes. But writing is not as far up the priority list for my time as it once was.

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  2. This is very timely. A month ago, I had a phone call expressing interest in one of my novels, but then a week at a time would drag by without a word from this gentleman. When he did email, it would be just a brief comment unrelated to any questions I’d asked. Nothing has moved forward. This is a great example of how anxiety and unhappiness isn’t just “worth anything”, Your reminder has helped me with a decision!


      • Perhaps there have been strides, but always backwards again. That’s why your article is so timely for me; because even though I’ve edged closer to the goal after years of effort, every case of that seems to end in acrimony. There are so many people in the publishing industry who treat authors dismissively, or even disregard what should be our basic rights. I guess that’s because so many writers are desperate. Not worth it!


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