Making Connections


It isn’t news to anyone, the last year and a half has been trying, isolating, confusing, and damn right depressing. We’ve had to acquiesce, adjust, change … whatever – pick a verb – to a different way of life.

I’m not here to discuss the pros, cons, or any of the contradictions, theories, or suppositions about where we all now find ourselves, but to talk about a few observations.

People are crying out for connections.

It’s funny after turning into a society that has forgotten how to read facial expressions and largely communicates through text & emojis, we find ourselves craving to see each other and have a real conversation.

The masks, whatever you believe about their merits have robbed us of the very things we took for granted. They obscure the most important part of us in which we communicate – our facial expressions, a smile, a grimace, a frown, or a look of pleasure.

Suddenly, I find myself focusing on the eyes – the window to the soul as they say. I listen harder because words are muffled behind masks. I watch for a furrowed brow, brimming, squinted, or narrowed eyes. I listen to the tone of their voice. Is it pitched, low, loving, angered, or just tired?

I’ve become an active listener. We all have out of necessity.

On occasion, I meet someone without a mask. I don’t rush to judgment or ask about their vaccination status. I’m not afraid but thrilled to see a face and 99% of the time, a smiling face, eager to converse greets me back. I smile and speak and they respond. There’s an openness, a hunger to connect and we do.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger in an elevator, on the street, in a store, or a nail salon – I feel an immediate connection. Sometimes, it’s brief and sometimes it stretches into minutes or hours. It’s as if neither of us wants it to end. It’s been so long, but we’re paying attention now. We’re looking for those opportunities. We’re really listening; not twiddling with our phones, or distracted. We’re hanging on to that moment of human-to-human connection as if by a thread.

These are difficult times, but we need each other. We need to connect, look each other in the eye, focus on the words we exchange, the stories we share, and cherish every connection.

We are not each other’s adversaries. We don’t all march to the same tune, but we are all the same and our connections make the world a better place.

We’re all in this together. Don’t ride it out in fear or alone. You’re not alone. We’re all right here, ready and eager to make connections.



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Words Worth Repeating


I read an article today that, given this new reality I find myself wading through, really resonated with me. The article, posted on Medium and written by James Ardis is worth taking the time to read and give it some thought to. Never Sacrifice Your Happiness for Writing.

If you’re anything like me – a type A personality – you want to be the best at whatever you’re attempting to achieve.  When I began writing it was no different. Some weeks I devoted a lot of time and energy and sacrificed time with family and friends; far more than I should have. Now, given my current situation, I find myself asking – Was it worth it? Or was it an indulgent waste of time?

Yes, I accomplished some goals. I published a small short story collection, that didn’t burn up Amazon and I completed a novel. The novel remains on the shelf for now, but publishing it is still in my sights.
Whatever circumstances may come into our lives, it’s worth taking time to examine the priorities in that rule our life. Writing may be one of the priorities we want to hold onto, but just maybe it shouldn’t take first place.

We have so little time. When it is gone it’s gone. And, it’s important to ask – How do I want to be remembered? Always at the keyboard? Or, remembered as someone loved by many, who lived for every moment?

“But the truth of the matter is: you can create amazing work and protect your emotional well-being at the same time.” James Ardis    Click to Tweet

I hope you enjoy the article and drop James a line. Here’s to writing and living to the fullest.


I’d love to hear your comments. Talk to me. Tell me your story. I’m all ears and look for me on Facebook Page at SheilaMcIntyreGood, PinterestBloglovinTwitter@sheilamgood, Contently, and Instagram. You can follow my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.