Tidbits and Nuggets – Beats

Tidbits & Nuggets-2

Beats: bits of action interspersed through a scene which tie dialogue to your setting and characters, and provide bits of imagery that guide your readers’ imagination.

“When you describe every bit action to the last detail, yo give your readers a clear picture of what’s going on, but you limit their imagination… Enough detail and you alienate them in the process…Far better to give your readers some hints and allow them to fill in the blanks…”

 Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
 Renni Browne & Dave King


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2 thoughts on “Tidbits and Nuggets – Beats

  1. Beats is new terminology to me, but I am familiar with the concept. One of the things I love about attending our critique group meetings is the feedback on this very topic. There’s a fine line between giving the reader just enough info to let their imagination boil & bubble, and giving them too much–making your story no fun to read.


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