Conversations – A Lost Art

The Daily Post Prompt – Conversation 

Conversation, aw, such an old word with an antiquated meaning, and almost extinct in practice. The dictionary defines it as a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged. What a novel idea.

We used to enjoy these on a regular basis. We talked to people we met on a bus, in a store, theatre, museum, class, and sometimes over the dinner table; another antiquated practice.

We got to know the people we met by the conversations we enjoyed with the nuances of language on full display. We understood it was more than simple words. We listened to the tone of the other’s voice, paid attention to the subtle languages of the body, and read the eyes like a roadmap to the soul. Once upon a time, we enjoyed the give and take of thoughts and ideas; even the occasional debate.

Unfortunately, we’ve replaced conversation with cryptic text messages and snap chats; emotions with emojis, and the subtle art of courtship with photo swipes, no dialogue needed. Who needs to talk? It’s so much easier to hide behind a message board, filtered photo, or a digital world void of nuance and feeling.

No longer in vogue, we’ve lost the art of conversation. It’s backward, old-fashioned, outdated, too mundane, and requires too much effort; texting is so much easier. Is it any wonder our country, our families; our genders are so far apart, so torn asunder, or in such strife?

We used to enjoy a lazy afternoon conversation with our friend over lunch, our kids after school, around the dinner table, or after dinner with our husband, wife, or significant other. We used too, but no longer.

Conversation is a lost art, a treasured skill, and without it, we are doomed.

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9 thoughts on “Conversations – A Lost Art

  1. Conversation requires civility and that too has become a lost art. Good manners and respect for others take effort and few want to engage in a discourse that requires that kind of energy. Rather, many prefer to “tell it like they see it.” No wonder many think it’s easier to Tweet or text.

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