The Joy of Anticipation

Daily Post: Anticipate

Such a range of emotions and events are associated with this word. Children and some adults are already anticipating Halloween and Christmas. Lists are being formulated even as I type (including mine).

So many life events create that tingling, stomach churning, nail-biting, or desire to squeal and dance in the streets emotions. Tonight,  I’m of the mindset of dancing! Notice, I said mind-set. The body would rather sit and imagine.

Regardless which part of me is dancing, all of me is filling the anticipation and excitement. Tomorrow morning I board a flight to Washington DC to spend the next five days with my youngest daughter.

I take this is a trip twice a year, but this trip is different. This time, my oldest daughter and her two beautiful, home-schooled, girls are going with me. I get to introduce my granddaughters to the wonder of flying (their first time) and all the wonderful museums, monuments, and history that make up the power center of our nation. They will see, up close and personal, The White House, and tour the Congressional halls. There are so many firsts I will get to share with them, and I can’t wait!

There are so many firsts I will get to share with them, and I can’t wait! Of course, my daughter, thrilled we’re coming for a visit, is feeling another type of anticipation. We’ll be staying in her very stylish 600 square ft. apartment! Yep, all five of us; for five days; while she works. Such a sweet and generous child, I’ve raised.

    Relax, sweetheart, mom’s got this!





I’d love to hear all about the things you are anticipating. Join the conversation. Talk to me or tell me your story. I’m all ears. Be patient, I’ll get back to you, but for a few days, I’ll be with the family.

13 thoughts on “The Joy of Anticipation

  1. I’m excited for you too. What fun for you and the girls.

    I’m anticipating the release of my book. The cover design will soon be posted on my website and Facebook page. I’d love to hear your comments when it comes up.

    Have a great time in Washington.

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  2. I can understand your anticipation. Sometimes it’s the most important part. First you have anticipation then adventure, and finally memories. I have a feeling that all three of yours will be fantastic. I’m anticipating visiting my first grandchild tonight. She’s seven months old, and even after a tough week, she smiles, and melts my heart. Good luck on your trip, and have fun.

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