Theorem 31 

Daily Post Prompt: Rhyme

 Although I would never call myself a poet under any circumstances, I can’t imagine a girl alive that didn’t at some point try her hand at writing poetry. Usually, and I’m guessing (wink, wink) every girl has poured her young heart out in rhyme and unreasonableness. I’m sure my cow pasture journal was filled with sappy attempts. I don’t have the remnants of those but I do have one special poem, written while in high school with an amusing little back story.

I would rather have been tied to a stake and set afire than forced to take algebra. However, back in the day (don’t ask, it was a long time ago), if you wanted to go to college, you took algebra. My teacher was a young man fresh out of college and for some reason took a special interest in this struggling student. In fact, had I accepted a dinner date with him (sworn to secrecy, of course) I could have come out with an A. I turned his generous invitation down and instead wrote a poem, which he rather liked. I’d take my chances on the grade.

 Theorem 31 

Oh, that teacher in 1st period
his Theorems and his Proofs!
the more I try, the harder it gets
and, the Lord knows that’s the truth

The corollaries and postulates,
know them one by one
now, get to work and state the Proof
Of Theorem 31

I proudly state the given
then comes L1=L2
man, on my way, am I
and AB=BY.

I look again at what
I am proud to prove and
suddenly see despair

I know that Mr. Morgan’s near
I sense him in the air.
He’s standing there right over me
With ruler in his hand

Sheila that’s wrong,
dear heart
Erase it and try again

Oh, that teacher in 1st period
his Theorems and his Proofs
they’re driving me up the wall
and, God knows that’s the truth.

With a long, deep
and sad, sad sigh
I begin to erase it
I begin to cry

The shreds of hair lay
All around
My tear-stained face
Is streaked

So here, go again
compose yourself
don’t look so stunned

Sheila, it’s really very easy
now, take this sheet
Quit pulling your hair
now, prove Theorem 31


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Join the conversation. Talk to me or tell me your story. I’m all ears.

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