Which Comes First?

Which comes first? No, not the chick or the egg debate; although, I’m certain it’s a fascinating subject.images-3 I’m talking about craft versus platform.  As a writer, I’m sure you read as many articles as I on the importance of having a healthy and engaging platform. After all, if no one knows you’re a writer, why would anyone be interested in reading your stories or books.

After all, if no one knows you’re who you are or what you do, why would they be interested in reading your work?

I struggle with this issue all the time. I try to keep up with  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – on and on it goes, but it’s like a time-sucking vortex. And, it doesn’t help when you have the attention span of a gnat, as I do of late.

VortexWhich brings me back to my first question – Which comes first? Craft or Platform? Want to join the debate and get a few helpful tips in the process?

Check out 4 Ways to Beat Frustration in Your Writing Career by Dan Blank over at Writer Unboxed and let me what you think. Craft or platform? Which is more important to you and how do you manage without sacrificing one over the other?


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Join the conversation. Talk to me or tell me your story. I’m all ears.

5 thoughts on “Which Comes First?

  1. The chicken who runs around with her head in the air squawking the sky is falling lays few eggs. Now, what was the question? No, not raining here. Hmm, that doesn’t sound right either. After rereading your post, I’m back. Craft, I’m not much of a crafter, I hate paper cuts. Gotta run. Squirrels are on the bird feeders again. Hugs.

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  2. This is a tough one for me, Sheila. At this moment, mostly what I have is craft. Platform develops, I think, over time–well, so does craft—-why do you ask these hard questions 🙂

    I will say, though, that my readership continues to grow at a fairly consistent rate. I don’t know if that’s craft, platform, or both!

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