You Are Your Words

Ever wondered about the faces behind your favorite blogs? Who are they, really?

Jenny Hansen talks about this aspect of branding in her post, Helpful Hacks to Build a Strong Online Brand.

15 thoughts on “You Are Your Words

  1. My “about” says a lot about, Who I am. But as I read and ponder this post along with it’s comments, the word WOWSER pops into my head! What a thought provoking, scenario flashing- trigger of a mind blast of a lifetime filled with millions of pictured memories question! Happiness, Innocence, love, silliness intertwined with sadness, heartbreaks, paired with successes, celebrations, falls, fight for survival, protect myself, mommy lioness protection modes, and life path do it all again ‘cuz I refuse to give up- damn I’m tired, #winning… repeat and keep plugging along, because there is so much to be grateful for, tears, anxiety, darkness as I fight to reach for the sunshine and bask in those gloriously warm rays.
    Now that I’ve broken every proper grammar rule in the book

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  2. 1. I am twice retired, first USDA food inspector and then typesetter.
    2. I love to write, but find it hard sometimes to get my thoughts gathered due to medication.
    3. I’m a wife, mother and granny.
    4. I am fascinated by the dark side of humans as well.
    5. I believe in lifetime friendships
    6. I am disabled physically, and suffer PTSD
    7. I’m an animal lover and can not watch movies where animals appear to be injured. 8. I believe in a God and am a Christian.
    9. I hate to cook, but do it out of necessity and I’m good at it.
    10. I respect pain because I’m always in pain.

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