Change Does Not Happen Overnight

I’ll admit it’s been difficult to think about writing or anything else this week. The horror in Orlando has occupied my mind as I’m sure it has yours – everything else seemed trivial to me.

As I’ve followed the recent events of this past week, it brought to mind a post I’d shared recently on the benefits of anger –  How to Show Anger in Your Characters. That post was written from a writer’s perspective. Today, I’d like to discuss anger from a personal perspective and how we can use it in our daily lives, for good.

The past few days have been harrowing. The mass murder of 49 individuals and 53 injured in Orlando have left us stunned, angry, and hungry for answers. I cannot imagine the pain the parents and loved ones of those cut down in the prime of their life are feeling or how they’re possibly getting through each day. My prayers are with each one of them.

Our nation is angry too and rightfully so – it feels as if we’re under attack. We want to fight back, blame someone or something and therein lies the danger.

Speculations and accusations abound among the few facts provided by the authorities. Nasty tweets, articles, slanted Facebook posts, demonization of any number of groups, and cries to change fundamental laws are on nearly every social networking site on the internet. Instead of conversations or healthy debates, angry words are spewed out like the venom of the deadliest snake.

Not All Anger is Bad

When not checked anger is a negative and counterproductive emotion. However, as I said in my previous post – it has benefits too.

  1. It motivates us to seek change.
  2. Expressing it, appropriately, can help interpersonal relationships.
  3. Provides insights if we’re willing to listen to others.
  4. Aids in negotiations to bring about change.

Bad things happen to good people every day. I wish they didn’t. When horrific things happen, we all feel angry but, in spite of the terror, we have the opportunity to be better, to do better, and become an agent for change.

“When bad things happen, we have three choices. We can either let it define us, destroy us, or strengthen us.” Click to Tweet 

As we all take a step back and contemplate the horror of this last week, let the system do its job, embrace those who are hurting, remember the victims, and take a  deep breath.

“Life is a marathon – not a sprint.” Click to tweet 

Change does not come overnight.

6 thoughts on “Change Does Not Happen Overnight

  1. Change does not come overnight, and as a preschool teacher I can help children to see that we are all alike, yet different. I can instill the principals of goodness, right and wrong, and also kindness. I have an important and wonderful job to do. Thank you for this post. -Jennie-

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