What Is A Hero? (Alternate title: Why Are People Assholes?)

This was such a wonderful post from Dan Alatorre, I simply had to share. An excellent post. If you enjoyed it as much as I did and it moved you, or made you think – give a shout out to Dan.

Dan Alatorre

head shot 2 Your humble host

Last weekend, I went to the city that is known for being the highest tourist attraction city in the world. We went to two of the world’s most popular theme parks.

I won’t name them because the parks themselves are irrelevant. (One is Magical and the other is Sea themed, okay?)

It’s the people we met at the parks that are relevant.

At the first magical park, we had a blast and were finally leaving, waiting in line for the mass transit system to take us to the parking lots. As you might guess, at the end of a long, hot Florida day, the crowds were thick and the people were tired. We were leaving kinda early because we and our friends wanted an early dinner for our young children. I mention that because it was not 9 PM or 11 PM. This place does not serve…

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4 thoughts on “What Is A Hero? (Alternate title: Why Are People Assholes?)

  1. Fabulous, inspirational story. I read the entire story and followed it over to Dan’s blog. He truly is a hero by my definition. Shelia, I feel terrible that I haven’t visited your blog. I had big plans to stay in touch with all my new friends that I made during the A to Z challenge, but my husband was hospitalized on May 1st for his diverticulitis and had to have emergency surgery. I’d always heard people talk about diverticulitis, but I never realized how serious or fatal it could be. He’s still in the hospital and here we are in June. It was really touch and go there for a while and he remained in the ICU for weeks. He’s out of the ICU, but has another surgery coming up and has had so many lifestyle changes and adjustments necessary to keep him alive that he’s angry, bitter and depressed. It’s been so hard on him, but it’s been hard on the rest of our family as well. I try to be with him all the tine, but I have children at home and I have to keep the house going and get the bills paid. I try and make time for writing, but there just hasn’t been tine for blogging. Hopefully, if he continues improving and gets to come home next month, I will return to blogging.
    I had some time today and wanted to stop by and visit my favorite blogs from the challenge and you were at the top of the list. I truly enjoyed all of your posts and was so looking forward to getting to know you better during the next few months, but it just didn’t work out. I hope I will have a chance to begin following again soon. I certainly enjoyed this post. I’m eager to read more of your instructional and informative posts. I think I was beginning to have withdraws from them, LOL. I hope you are doing well.
    Take care.
    Melissa @
    Melissa Sugar Writes

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    • Melissa, bless you and your family and all you have been going through. My prayers are with you all. I’m so sorry your husband had been so sick and I know how scared you and the children must be. As for blogging? It can wait. I just wrote a post. About is it time to stop blogging? And I wrote if for similar reasons. My health hasn’t been the best. I’ll send the next 2 days as an outpatient running tests. I haven’t written as much myself since the challenge for those reasons. So don’t worry about writing. Time with your family as you all heal from the stress of this is more important. Should you need someone to vent to I’m here. You can find my email on the welcome page. I’m praying for you.


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