Darkness has Descended

I want each one of us to stop and think for a moment – What would our world look like without the brave men and women who wear the badge and walk the beat every day to keep each one of us safe? I can tell you, without police officers, the world we know would turn into chaos and anarchy.

I’m not minimizing the concerns of officer-related shootings. I understand people are upset and want answers about the shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, but we don’t know what happened. It’s time to reserve judgment and let the investigation and the facts speak the truth.

Darkness has indeed descended on out country. We have a choice, to buy into the dishonest rhetoric, blame it on guns, or band together as citizens and support those who run toward the danger so we might stay safe.

I stand with every officer and first responder. I pray for the families who lost a mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, or wife. I stand with each officer during this dark time and say, thank you for your service. Thank you for keeping me and my family safe. You are my hero.

What Is A Hero? (Alternate title: Why Are People Assholes?)

This was such a wonderful post from Dan Alatorre, I simply had to share. An excellent post. If you enjoyed it as much as I did and it moved you, or made you think – give a shout out to Dan.

Dan Alatorre

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Last weekend, I went to the city that is known for being the highest tourist attraction city in the world. We went to two of the world’s most popular theme parks.

I won’t name them because the parks themselves are irrelevant. (One is Magical and the other is Sea themed, okay?)

It’s the people we met at the parks that are relevant.

At the first magical park, we had a blast and were finally leaving, waiting in line for the mass transit system to take us to the parking lots. As you might guess, at the end of a long, hot Florida day, the crowds were thick and the people were tired. We were leaving kinda early because we and our friends wanted an early dinner for our young children. I mention that because it was not 9 PM or 11 PM. This place does not serve…

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