Is it Time to Stop Blogging?

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14 thoughts on “Is it Time to Stop Blogging?

  1. I post once a month and love it. In between its reblogs. Blogging connects us to so many we would never meet in person – especially if you are more or less of a recluse, as I am. And yet, if I did not feel I had something unique to express, I wouldn’t take the time. My blog header: the metaphysical and mundane musings of a maverick female scribe – has a particular niche, or so folks tell me. I also use my blog to promote my mystical novels. So really its a personal decision. Good luck with making the right decision, Sheila – the good news for all of us is that nothing needs to be final. Om!

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    • You are so right, Mira. I love your blog and especially the header. Thank you for being supportive. I’m not ready yet to lay down my pen, just contemplating the future a bit. Until then, you can still find me in the Cow Pasture playing. It’s always good to see my friends here with me. Thanks for commenting.


  2. For me blogging isn’t a “have to” thing so I don’t stress about it. I am here to express my thoughts and helps me with my writing. While I don’t post often I strive to make a good post. And when I get better I can go back and read it and see where I’ve improved. Working on my BA in creative writing is helping with that as well. I hope to see many more blogs from ya!

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  3. Sheila I would miss you if you stopped blogging. I think about all the time I spend blogging, how it stresses me out when I haven’t blogged in a while, how I can think of nothing too terribly interesting or relevant to say, but then I always come back to the thought that I would totally miss my blogging friends and the hole in which I sequester myself would be come even more dull and smaller. So I keep blogging, just to keep the lifeline alive.

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    • Thank you for your kind comments. It is definitely a two-edged sword at times for sure. As long as you’re enjoying it as much as it sounds, stay with it. I’m not ready to put my pen down just yet, just thinking. Until then, you can find me in the Cow Pasture.

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  4. Blogging interferes with lots of things, especially writing. I’d shut down, but I’m in a wonderful community. Because of blogging, I am writing more, but not enough. It’s a conundrum. Something has to suffer. Mostly, it’s me. 😀

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