You May be Right

DAILY PROMPT: Drawing a Blank

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19 thoughts on “You May be Right

  1. I like the way you add the word MAY in there, as if it’s only a remote possibility. I have been right once or twice in our 41 years of marriage, but Connie can’t seem to recall either of those occasions. It must be something in the water.

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  2. If I say that to my husband then he says, “Oh stop patronizing me!” That’s his “go-to” line. So I just say, “I must go away and ponder this.” This statement leaves everything up in the air, and for the most part will stop the conversation…for a while, long enough for everyone to calm down, and pick their words wisely.

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  3. Great post. Sometimes I have the opposite problem where the smart-ass response jumps out of my mouth before my brain has a chance to stop it. Luckily, many people think I’m saying these things jokingly, but, unfortunately for them, I’m usually not.

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