Want a New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

Everyone loves the chance to win prizes and if you like practicing your writing skills through prompts, you’re in luck.

Describli is and I quote, an online writing community that uses writing prompts to spark creativity and connect readers and writers.”   

Each day you receive four prompts. You can use them yo write poems, short stories or even, collaborate with another member to write. You can find out all the information you, and join by clicking, here. 

Now, for the good news. Ever month, Describli will be raffling off a prize to one of the members. This month it is a brand new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. All you have to do is, become a member and invite your friends. Not bad, an opportunity to practice writing, increase visibility, readers and win prizes.

I’d love to hear your comments. Talk to me. Tell me your story. And as always, you can follow me on Facebook at SheilaMGood, Pinterest,  Twitter @cofcmom and of course, @ Describli

2 thoughts on “Want a New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

    • Yes a few. I haven’t done as many as I would have liked but hope to change that. I use prompts all the time. You can find the few I’ve done here @https://describli.com/profile/Sheila+Good/291/. You can see more of my flash fiction on my menu under Stories in Flash


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