Why I Write


Photo Courtesy of humintell.com

Photo Courtesy of humintell.com

As long as I can remember, I loved putting words to paper, expanding on the great mysteries or the miseries of my young life. It was a way to get my point across without being shushed.

Introduction to the magic of words came early for me, as my mother was a voracious reader. She belonged to more than one book-of-the-month-club and even as young children, we were fortunate she passed the books to us, without censorship.

In between those many pages, I met a world of different people. Their words painted vivid pictures and gave breath to the hopes, fears, and dreams of a girl. In spite of her love of the written word, my mom repeatedly warned me, “Don’t ever  put anything in writing; you don’t want others to see.” Perhaps mom’s voice was the words from her books.

It would come later as a young, naïve girl before I understood the damage others could do when words are misconstrued, distorted, taken out of context or endure the deep cut of betrayal. I learned the hard way and after that hid my words away.

I’m an average woman, professional in background, a mother, grandmother, wife, friend, and a writer. I write now because I have a voice, and I can.

  • I write for catharsis, a purging of past sins, regrets, hopes, and dreams.
  • I write to share what knowledge and experiences I’ve acquired with those I love, hopeful they’ll be spared a wrong turn or learn the joy of sunny days.
  • I write to voice my opinion, my values, the very things I believe make the world, and us better people.
  • I write not that, in the end, my singular voice matters more than others do, or will move mountains, but perhaps, it will become one of many and create a chorus of positive change.
  • I write to expand my imagination and free my demons; we all have them.
  • I write to bring pleasure and encourage others to stretch their word wings, tell stories, real or imagined.
  • I write to leave a legacy to those I leave behind. Egotistical perhaps, but I want to surprise them. “That was mom? Sheila? She did that?” I don’t want to be forgotten or remembered only in faded photos or as the name on a bronze marker.

I write because I believe words have power. The power to move people, change them and change the world. After years of writing by a stream in a cow pasture, hiding my words from the world, between the pages of a worn-down journal, I have found my voice, and so I write.




13 thoughts on “Why I Write

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  2. For years I wrote poetry. It was a nice way to free demons and share philosophy, but often sad and depressing (according to my wife). Then a neighbor, who has been published 15 times in the Chicken Soup books, introduced me to a writers group. Shortly thereafter, I discovered I had a talent for writing humor and making people laugh. I’ve found it to be extremely fulfilling and am now working on my second book of short stories.


    • Wow, I’m impressed. I love to read stories laced with humor. I’d love to read some of yours. Depending on what I’m working on, I’m told I have a great since of humor. But, I’ve yet to really explore that in a short story. I may have to give it a shot. Thanks for commenting.


    • Boy, can I relate to the insanity part of your comment. Lol. Some days it’s like a valve has been pushed releasing hot “everything,” Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you liked it.


  3. After 9 years and a lot of confused writing, I put my journey and struggle in book form. It will be published shortly and available for inspiration and judging. I tell everyone I know that the best form of therapy is that of journalling. I have done it for many years and finally have made sense of what I was trying to say. I have been encouraged to dig deeper and reveal the real story but, I must decline for it will erupt a volcano in many that will be best not exposed to the world. Sometimes things are more hurtful to share than not to share. I will however after all of these years of hiding my true passion, I will write and create and live a passion that has been hidden for far too long.


    • I understand where you’re coming from as to exposing our truths. I am 40000 words into a story based on the real story but we’ll see. I may yet pen the truth. Best of luck on your book. I’m so glad you stopped by the Cow Pasture and so happy my words resonated with you. Thanks.


  4. Sheila, thank you for sharing a bit of your heart. Your feeling and thoughts run parallel to mine in many ways. They reinforce the sensation I have when sharing my words, as quoted in this blog’s title: “There is nothing to writing. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter – and bleed.” Ernest Hemingway


  5. “•I write not that, in the end, my singular voice matters more than others do, or will move mountains, but perhaps, it will become one of many and create a chorus of positive change.”


    Absolutely brilliant, sweet lady! #HUGS



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