Do You Have a Weak Plot?


Photo courtesy of Google &

Photo courtesy of Google &

I’m in the midst of trying to complete a rough draft of my novel, Hello Hell. Some 40,000 words in, I decided to change the timeline, which also requires additional changes to some of the characters and the setting. Don’t you just love the hairbrain ideas that come to us in the middle of the night? It is a daunting task already, but I’m also trying as I go, to examine the structure of my story.  David Villalva over at Story & Craft has a wonderful post out today discussing plot and high stakes. “A weak plot propels them to check out,” he says and offers an excellent and simple Stakes formula: If protagonist does not achieve the story goal, negative outcomes will occur.

Want more information and a free download of his Storytelling blueprint, check out David’s site.

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