Top 5 Resources for Contests and Submissions


In my last post, I mentioned how important submitting  work on a regular basis is to writers. So, it’s only fair I share with you some of my favorite resources for the most up-to-date lists..

 My top 5 sites:

1) Duotrope: No longer free, this service now requires a paid membership. A 30-day free trial is available; after that, the cost is $5/month.

  1. The database lists thousands of markets tailored to your work and/or genre; including, fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.
  2. They offer a plethora of data on every site regarding, acceptance rates, turn around time, payment, unknown to extremely challenging markets, and other statistics.
  3. Provide a calendar of upcoming themed contests.
  4. And, track of all your submissions.

2) Every Writer’s Resource:

  1. On the home page, you will find listings for all types of literary magazines.
  2. Magazine profiles include the year founded, preferred genre,  guidelines, response time, paid or non-paying market, and names of editors.
  3. For quick reference, check out the current and updated list in the sidebar.
  4. You can search by name, category, theme, call for submissions, or print.

3) Flash Fiction Chronicles:

  1. Markets are listed according to word count restrictions;  from as little as 50-100 words  to 1500.
  2. Provides a brief summary of the magazine with links to view current issues, site guidelines and read editor interviews; one of the most informative aspects offered.
  3. Under the Resources tab, you can find additional contests list.

4) New Pages

  1. Your guide to news, literary magazines, agents, and contests.
  2. Call for submissions include, fiction, non-fiction, essay, poetry, and art.
  3. Additional resources for writers is also available.

5)  Funds for Writers

  1. Holly Clark provides a list of contests and freelance markets in every mewsletter.
  2. Information includes deadlines, the cost to enter, paid or non-paid markets, and a synopsis of the competition.
  3.  All contests listed have been researched for credibility.

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I hope you will explore these sites, make a list and begin submitting. I’d love to hear what you think, and about your successes. So, drop me a line.

Happy writing and good luck on your submissions.

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