I Bit the Apple

 I feel a little like Eve. I bit the Apple, tasted the forbidden fruit. Yep, my eyes opened and I threw the inferior Windows out, well the window. Unfortunately, once you’ve taken a bite there’s no turning back. Now, I’m ruined and so is, unfortunately, my Apple.

Seems one can screw up an Apple in a heartbeat while reading recipes, cooking, and imbibing in a taste or two of wine.  Apparently Apples detest getting wet, even a tiny splatter. In fact, they throw a fit, opening very application you never knew you had and will even attempt to send emails on your behalf. Unruly is an understatement. I lost all control.

After a trip to the Apple doctor, I was given good news and bad news. The bad, my Apple had succumbed. “The sauce did it,” the cute little technician said. I didn’t ask which sauce. My mind was already taking a pantry inventory, God let there be wine. He continued, “The good news is we can bring it back to life.”

I swallowed. “How much?”

“We’ll send it off and a week to ten days, it will be like new. Only $800.00,” he said, smiling.

I blanched then my eye caught the gleam of  the table to my left. Bright, new shiny Apples flashed in display and I swear I heard a whisper,  “Wanna bite?”





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