Middle Of The Novel Hibbie Jibbies

Besides being quite busy this summer with family obligations and a sundry of other unexpected happenings, I have also been playing dodge ball with my novel. Okay, I’ve been procrastinating. I put my novel aside and have found every excuse in the book, not to go back to it. Now, I am trying to figure out why.

I’m almost half way through. Part of me wants to force myself to finish, and the other part of me wants to tear it apart and see where the trouble lies. Is it something about the plot? The characters? Is it the opening? Or, is it simply that I’m new at this and hitting a familiar place all newbies hit? The middle of the novel, hibbie jibbies. Maybe.

Whatever is bugging me, I will figure it out, but in the meantime, I think it best to finish what I started. I’ll make notes along the way, and I’m sure once completed I’ll have plenty of opportunity for revisions and editing.

What about you? Have you experience the middle of the novel hibbie jibbes? Please share your story of triumph in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Middle Of The Novel Hibbie Jibbies

  1. Love your posts. They say you should map out your story completely don’t they? I’ve read all the stuff on that. My problem is that unless I let my story lead me, I get bored. If I map it all out it becomes like an exercise and not a journey. I have only heard one writer condone this. I think it was Roddy Doyle, long time ago. Keep up the good work. 😉


    • Thanks Charlie,

      You do have a point about the boredom. As a new writer, it is difficult to get bogged down. I often wish I could go back to the simplicity of writing by the cow pasture!


    • Hi Patricia,
      Good to hear from you again! I am slowly getting back in the groove, although this summer, family and other happenings have been taken a big chunk of my time. i’m working on stealing at least a small segment of the day. Thanks for the encouragement.


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