HELP! New Writers Needed

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t gone from being a writer to a movie critic. However, this past week makes me want to put out a call to writers everywhere. Hollywood is in desperate need of new writers!

My husband and I are movie buffs. The last several movies we attended, we came away stunned. Not only was the movie not as we expected, the previews were unbelievable. The last movie was terrible.

1- The Story line was confusing to say the least, and contradictory.

2- The Plot – pathetic. No tension, no surprises, other than the “I can’t believe we paid for this,” uttered from me and my husband.

3- The setting was completely unrealistic, as were the characters. Throwing in token characters from every minority group without rhyme or reason, when it certainly didn’t advance the plot, left me scratching my head.

4- The actors didn’t grow up in my generation – that was clear. I’m old or a prude, but boundaries have disappeared, or so it would seem. And, I have my doubts about the writer’s education. Most of the story line was riddled with  dialogue of four letter words without substance.

Now,  when we plop twenty-five dollars down for movie and popcorn, I would at least like a story  with a plot. A beginning, middle and end that makes sense. I’m not opposed to spicy language when  appropriately used, but every other word and gratitious sex in the middle of a restaurant with everyone, including the patrons seems over done.

 What happened to a good story? A good plot?  Where have all the good writers gone?

We need good writers. Writers that know how to tell a story. Stories that make sense, make us feel good, give hope and make us smile. The kind of stories that used to fill our libraries and book stores. We need good writers to elevate our stories, and yes, I dare say, our movies.

So, here’s my challenge to you. Write a good story. A story that others will want to pass on, sit down and read to their children or put on their bookshelf. Elevate your story above what Hollywood is writing. We’re much better than that. What do you think?

“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.”

BTW: I would pass on the movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World!!

Tell me your story.

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