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51k8PNrlh5LYou’ve heard it said when the right or wrong two people come together – it is combustible. And boy, does Wolfe deliver in this erotic, psychological thriller.

London, a licensed psychologist with a penchant for helping criminal, has found herself way out of her safe zone when she meets a serial killer named Grayson Sullivan. The chemistry between them is instantaneous, dangerous, captivating, alluring, and combustible.

“I’m not afraid of what lies beyond the blackness. I know what’s there lurking, waiting. Threatening. I am afraid that once I set the truth free, I’ll lose the rest of my humanity.”
Book one of a duet, Born Darkly is a twisted, dark, erotic, sexy, and spell bounding, and erotic thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat, and breathless, and uneasy. An exciting page-turner you can put down.

*Warning: explicit sex and violence.  5 stars

Book two in this duet by Trisha Wolfe starts where the first one left on, only more intense! London is transformed and forever changed. Graham is on the run, and she can’t stay away. So entwined, it’s as if they are one. London is no longer an observer. Her desire for Graham takes over everything and becomes not his only his “soul mate,” but a willing participant.

This dangerous, erotic, thriller will take you on a wild, dark ride.

*Warning: explicit sex and violence.  5 stars


Scuba divers discover a coin from an ancient shipwreck with an unusual marking – a hole. When they find out the coin may be connected to a 30-year-old murder and the suspicious death of another, they find themselves in deeper and the increasingly troubled “waters,” of murder, political corruption, and sunken treasure.

Reminiscent of the old detective novels, Blood in the Water, set in the Atlantic off the Florida coastline, is a fun, face-paced whodunit,  A most enjoyable read.  5 stars


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Looking for Something Good to Read?

Welcome to this month’s, Stories to Share. Great stories that can be read on your coffee break. So, sit back and enjoy.

My Selection:

  1. From Flash Fiction MagazineAn Assassins Bow by Anthony Wobbe.
  2. The DrabbleLogos Interruptus By Rachel Snyder.
  3. And, the Winner of Winter Short Story Award 2016 –  Operation by Scott Gloden.

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