K. Alan Leitch

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After several years of career experimentation, K. Alan Leitch discovered a passion for teaching, and, especially, teaching literature. This built upon his inborn love of writing to the point that his most rewarding moments involve the laughter, tears, and outrage of readers moved by his work. Inspired by his study of literature at Oxford, and by great authors like John Updike, Leitch challenges himself to synthesize literary style with the accessible, adventure-driven genres that entertained him as a young reader. His publications include two First-Place entries in the WOW! (Women on Writing) Literary Journal, a prize-winner in ‘A Visit from the Duchess’ (a printed anthology by Stringybark Stories), and Second-Place entries in literary editions of newsletters by I.E.U. Australia and the English-Speaking Union. He is the author of several dozen short stories, as well as five novels, including the Textnovel and Serena McDonald Kennedy award-winning (but unpublished) ‘Starlite Lanes: We Bowl for Democracy,’ and a partner-novel that is also unpublished—though not for long! As a citizen of both Canada and Australia, Leitch considers himself a global denizen and hopes one day to make a memorable contribution to American history.

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