Thank God We’ve Evolved

DAILY PROMPT:  Toothbrush

A typical chew stick. This one is from the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice)

I can remember as a child, my mother quizzing me, “Did you brush your teeth?” Twice a day and nothing less was the rule in our house.

It was a practice I carried over to my children. I wanted them to develop the habit of brushing early and be proud of their healthy beautiful teeth, but not all kids bought into that philosophy or the habit.

Getting some kids to brush is more difficult than tying a string to a door knob and pulling the little suckers! Waking up to a surprise left by the Tooth Fairy is much more enticing.  Can you imagine what it was like for those parents trying to get their kids to brush using the first toothbrush?

According to the Museum of Everyday Life, The Chinese (imagine)  invented the first bristle toothbrush during the Tang Dynasty (619-907)  from the very stiff, coarse hairs of the cold-climate hogs inserted into holes of either bone or bamboo.

I can see it now.  Junior’s mom thrusting a hairy bone out to her son. “I’m not gonna tell you again, brush your teeth.”

Thank God we’ve evolved. 


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