Happy Mother’s Day!

It seems like only yesterday I was up every two hours feeding, diapering, and trying to coax by babies to sleep. Aww, those were the days! Who needed sleep?

Becoming a mother helped me discover talents I never knew existed. Here are a few of which, I’m sure, you can relate (feel free to add to the list):

  1. Learning to enjoy group bathroom time! They’ll find you every time!
  2. Acquiring supersonic hearing – “I heard that!”
  3. Discovering my hips had more function than sashaying-  “That child’s attached to your hip.”
  4. I didn’t need the gym – I could bench press a toddler, diaper bag, umbrella stroller, blankie, stuffed toy, purse, and a bag of groceries at once.
  5. Gained new language skills both in interpretation and expression – “No, Mommy did not say that word!
  6. Could out multitask any CEO! Cook dinner, wash a load of clothes, pick up toys, and play peek-a-boo while reading  War and Peace – a piece of cake!
  7. Discovered new uses for baby powder – who knew you could go a week without showering or washing your hair! Hello, Johnson & Johnson!
  8. Learned more about poop than I ever cared to know – including, that s&%t stinks, it won’t singe your skin, it floats, and is damn hard to get off the walls.
  9. Forgetting to answer to my real name – who the hell are you talking to? My name’s mommy!
  10. Secretly admiring the passion and tenacity with which those little bundles of joy pulled the strings – especially our heart-strings.

I’m exhausted just remembering. Mother’s are the hardest working humans on the planet. My hat is off to each one of you and to my girls, all grown up – you are my greatest treasure and every moment was worth it.

And, to all, you mother’s looking for a bit of reprieve or just a stroll down memory lane here’s a little tribute.

Happy Mother’s Day.

A Tribute to Mothers

16 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mothers

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! Great list! My kids learned that when we were out in public, if they yelled,”mom” every women within range looked over. So they just yelled my first name, and likewise I knew it was them and not some random kid. So it worked.

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