Polls, Decisions, and a Bit of a Tease

I must admit writing the headline for this post made me chuckle, and I can only imagine what thoughts ran through your mind reading it. As amused as I was at my cleverness, this post has nothing to do with what you might have been thinking. I wanted your attention.

It was also a way to share, with those of you voted in my recent poll, the results and an opportunity to tease you a bit more about my story collection.

First, the results: Select the Preferred Cover?

Beware the fury of – A Patient Woman       Vs.          Darkness reigns in Maybe Next time.





Now, for the tease…. from, the back cover of my book.

Brace yourself to feel uneasy as you open the pages and step over to the dark side of murder, justice, and revenge. Squirm a bit as you recall that fleeting thought or secret fantasy when you thought no one was listening.


Here is the old poll


Did the excerpt from the cover give you a different vibe or change your choice? If so, vote in my new poll and tell why in my new


I’d love to hear your comments. Talk to me. Tell me your story and look for me on Facebook at SheilaMGood,  PinterestBloglovinTwitter@sheilamgood, Contently, and Instagram. You can follow my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.



9 thoughts on “Polls, Decisions, and a Bit of a Tease

  1. As to the two sentences from the back cover, I hope you’ve written more that connects them somehow, because I can’t figure out how these two relate to each other. What does some fleeting thought or fantasy of mine have to do with murder, justice, and revenge?

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    • I purposely didn’t put the whole “blurb” out. This is a collection of ten stories – all themed around murder, justice & revenge. Those two stories are only connected by theme. The question was about the prospective covers. As for the ‘fleeting thought or fantasy,’ I’m guess you’ve never had the thought of smothering your snoring husband. LOL


      • I thought there must be more to the back cover blurb. As for smothering anyone — or any other “doing away with” someone, no, I never have. DH is more apt to wish he could smother me, as I’m the one with the bigger noise problem. 🙂

        As to cover, I naturally prefer a person or a face to just feet, so my first choice still stands.

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