Best Laid Plans

add-headin-2100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups! The Prompt: ….why does the world fight back when….

Sun streaked across Nicole’s face, and her eyes popped open like a marionette’s. The new suit and heels, she couldn’t afford, mocked her from across the room. Shit! Her first interview in more than a year and she’d overslept.

Shit, Shit, shit! Why does the world fight back when you’re doing your damnedest? She twisted her long locks into a chignon, swiped mascara across thick lashes, threw on the suit, grabbed her purse, and ran for the door.

Three minutes to spare! Nicole sprang from the cab, let out a yelp, and stared in disbelief as her bare feet sank into the snow. Well, hell’s bells.

Words: 106 

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12 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. My last comment didn’t go through. I was immediately sucked into this fabulous story because I could so easily picture myself standing in her shoes (pun intended ) highly overpriced shoes that I shouldn’t have purchased. But we all do it. We need to look the part … look our best. Anyway, we are going to dazzle them in the interview and get the job so we justify the cost. Of course we weren’t counting on our alarm screwing up our day. From the moment we overslept and had to rush through our morning routine things start going downhill. Not only can we not catch a break, it seems the universe is conspiring to make this the worst day ever. Your story resonated with all of us because it could be any of us. You’ve done an excellent job writing it with such visceral emotion. Loved it.
    Melissa Sugar

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  2. I was immediately sucked into the story because I could so easily put myself in her shoes (pun intended) the overpriced shoes she probably shouldn’t have sprung for, but we all have. We have such high hopes of making a damned good impression and we know we need to look the part and look our best. So we justify the expense, because hey, we’re gonna dazzle them in the interview and get the job. Then the day goes to hell from the moment we oversleep. Once we get off to that rocky start and are forced to rush our morning routine it seems like we can’t catch a break and not only that, the universe is conspiring to make it the worst day in the world. We’ve all been there and you expressed it in such a way that we all felt like it could have been us standing there in the cold with everything going wrong

    Beautifully writen. Very visceral and full of emotion.

    Melissa Sugar

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  3. I’m nominating you for the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge. Hope you don’t mind 🙂
    Love the story!
    Rules of the challenge:

    1.Three quote for three days.
    2.Three nominees each day(no repetition).
    3.Thank the person who nominated you.
    4.Inform the nominees.

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  4. Love this Sheila because it resonated with me. That awful feeling when you know the day can only get better because of that alarm failure! I’ve never forgotten my shoes though! Nice twist at the end.
    Thank you so much for joining 100WCGU this time.

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    • My pleasure and I’m glad you liked it. The prompt resonated with me too. There are just some days you want to turn around and go back to bed. LOL. Love participating in your 100WCGU’s; it’s one of my favorites. Thanks for reading and stopping by the Cow Pasture.


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