Can You Write What Hurts? (part 1)

Authenticity is important for a writer but what happens when the story you want to write is painful? Great part 1 from Dan Alatorre.

Dan Alatorre

There’s not any one thing you can do to make yourself a better writer, but this is close.


Lots of little things (and lots of big things) will make you a better writer, and we’re putting together a book to show you each and every one, but time after time I see brilliant passages in new authors’ works, and when I point it out, they say well that part actually happened or it’s based on real events in my family. People can spot truth. We talk about it differently. It’s interesting.

It doesn’t have to be pain but I connect with it on a different level. Maybe it’s just me but maybe not. I remember in The Fourth Descendant I asked about Michelle at the park. It seemed very real. It was made up but Allison, the author,  said she identified with a period when she had two small kids…

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