You Asked: How Important is Genre?

Welcome to another, You Asked, the Experts Answer, segment. This week   our question is: How important is genre?

The simple answer is – very. According to C. S. Lakin, from Live, Write, Thrive, there’s a  direct correlation between book sales and genre. And, from where I’m sitting that’s an important piece of information for authors to know.

In her article,  If You Don’t Learn This Truth, You May Be Missing Out on Big Book SalesMs.Lakin discusses how to specifically target a  genre and what that means in terms of successful sales.

So, if you’re unsure or wondering why your book sales are staying stagnant, check out her post on Live, Write, Thrive.

What do you think? Did you generalize or get specific in identifying your genre and did it translate into sales?

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7 thoughts on “You Asked: How Important is Genre?

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  2. I think being specific about your genre is important as is being specific about your target audience. For instance, a YA dystopian fiction book.. yeah. A children’s dystopian fiction book.. um… hrm? I mean, can you just imagine a 3-6-year-old coloring book for Catcher in the Rye or Slaughterhouse 5?

    Ok, maybe I’m having a bit too much fun with that, but in all seriousness, yes, I think you need to have a clear-cut genre. It’s going to help with planning and writing along with setting limits and boundaries… and from there, since you know the boundaries, you can break them. On purpose. Which is much more fun.

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