Who Will Speak For Them?

100WCGU – Week#175  …but shall we close the borders…

images-4This week, Julia has given us a prompt that may  provoke  thought or even stir the caldron of  controversy.  I hope my story makes you think, especially about the victims.  ~~~~~

“To forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time.” Elie Wiesel 


Jason reached for his wife. The bed was cold and empty. He hurried down the stairs, sniffing the air for the coffee Sarah would have waiting. No coffee? He shivered. “Honey?”

He stepped into the dark kitchen and reality grabbed him around the throat. Shaking, he sank into a chair. How could dinner turn into such terror?

He didn’t want to watch news coverage of the attacks, but he needed to.

His anger grew as he listened to the reporter defend and lecture … but, shall we close the borders?

Where was the outrage, compassion, and sympathy for the victims?

Who would speak for them?

“I will, Sarah,” he said, his anger turning to tears. “I will.”






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