The Last of The Erin Solomon Pentalogy – a Review

This is the first series, in a long time, I’ve read to the end. I give four stars to the last two books of this five book series.

If you like a long-runningAmazon Reviews mystery filled with childhood secrets, murder and mayhem, tension building romance, and characters that outsmart the devil himself, you’ll enjoy the Erin Solomon Pentalogy, five book series.

Book 4:  Before the After (Erin Solomon Pentalogy Book 4) by Jen Blood

In book four, more of Erin’s childhood secrets begin to  surface as ghostly visions. Driven to find the truth, Erin pushes forward. With each dangerous leg of the journey, a kibble of truth is dropped in their path and Erin follows them like a dog catching a scent.

As in the first three books, Erin and Diggs barely survive the chaos. Filled with more fast-paced action, book four, it’s secrets still unrevealed, will propel you to  pick up the final book in this series and read. 

Book 5: The Book of J. (The Erin Solomon Pentalogy) (Volume 5) byJen Blood  

If the other four books were fast-paced, book five is in full throttle. Erin Solomon and her long-time lover, Diggs will uncover the truth, or die trying.

Once again, I found myself asking, how can two people survive so many beatings, gunshot wounds, and bombs as these two characters? 

I loved the intrigue and romance of this series and with each installment anticipated loose ends to be tied up in a pretty bow of resolution. It didn’t happen; too many characters vied for the spotlight leaving behind unanswered questions.

Although, I enjoyed the writer’s voice and loved the characters in this series, stretching the storyline to five books was a bit tiring. My biggest beef with all five books was the indestructibility of the characters against every type of violence imaginable, but I kept reading. You may have a different view.  So, check out The Erin Solomon Pentalogy and let me know what you think.

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