Are Squirrels Interfering With Your Writing Routine?

squirels005Lord have mercy, the squirrels are loose in Lyman! No, I don’t mean the nut-gathering, fluffy-tail kind. I’m talking about the partying kind. And, they’re having the time of their lives running amok in my brain.


Each morning I sit down intending to write on my novel, blog, or make notes on the story idea that came to me in the middle of the night.

Yet,  somewhere between my butt hitting the chair and that first keystroke, the band starts playing.

 I’ll just scan my emails first; it shouldn’t take long. In the middle of every email, what do I find? Links!  They sound so enticing and I might miss something if I don’t click.

Then,  I receive notice from Twitter, “You have a new follower;  so and so favorited your tweet…” It would be rude not to reply.


Three hours later, I’ve clicked every link included in the first five emails (I still have two and a half pages left to peruse) and checked out my new followers on Twitter. Before I can’t get through Facebook (damn share buttons) my husband walks in, ” Hey, I have an idea; let’s go shopping then head up to the lake.”

Well, who doesn’t like shopping? And well, I could use a little relaxation.


What about you? Are these beautiful, sunny days feeding the squirrels?

How do you stay focused on writing when FUN is calling your name?

Tips for taming the squirrels:

  1. Make a list of writing projects, in order of importance (deadlines, submissions, contests).
  2. Devote your first hour of the day to writing and nothing but writing.
  3. Schedule blog updates and your WIP on alternate days.
  4. Check email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Contently only after that first hour.
  5. Buy your husband a golf membership or if all else fails, lock him out of the house.

What about you? How do you stay focused during the summer? I’d love to hear from you. Talk to me. Share the tips and be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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