A Family’s Highjacked Conversation

Photo courtesy of google and time.com

Photo courtesy of google and time.com

“Look at that family, the parents look as if they’d rather be anywhere than sitting across from each other and the kids have their faces stuck in a phone or tablet.”

Millie’s shoulders sagged as she realized one of her husband’s favorite soapbox topics had highjacked the evening.

“I’m mean, dinner used to be for family conversations; what the hell, people don’t talk anymore?”

Millie glanced at the family across from them, “Seems to me, the kids have taken all the table conversation they can stand,” she said, catching bits of the couple’s angry exchange.

“Our society is going to hell,” she heard him say, before tuning him out and reaching for her iPhone, “Can’t say I blame them.”


Written in Response to:  http://lilliemcferrin.com/five-sentence-fiction-diversions/   This week’s word: DIVERSIONS 

Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. A five sentence story based on the prompt word.

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7 thoughts on “A Family’s Highjacked Conversation

    • 🙂 I understood what you’re trying to say. You out to dinner and suddenly you overhear a conversation and their sharing way to information! It’s almost too much to bare. Thanks, for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you stopped by the Cow Pasture and hope we talk again.


  1. Ah the temptation of the iPhone… My wife & I have introduced a ‘no technology on the dinner table rule’ because we found this same problem. Recently we’ve started doing crosswords together while the family eats 🙂

    Nicely written, you get the exhaustion with the old soapbox & turning to the phone at the end was a great turnabout.


    • Thanks so much. I’m glad you liked it. I’m afraid ye’ old iPhone has ruined us all. Like your new rule I keep threatening to do the facedown rule during dinner. Phones are stacked face down at one end, and the first one to pick theirs up, pays for dinner. I’ll admit, haven’t been successful, yet. Appreciate your kind comments. It was a fun piece to write.

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