Magic Fertilizer

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100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#149 : This Week’s Prompt: April


April, when the world turned a luscious green and blooms burst forth celebrating new beginnings, was Mattie’s favorite time of year. Of particular joy were her prized azaleas lining the back corner of her lot.

“What are you using for fertilizer?” Her nosy neighbor Gertrude asked.

“Whatever Lowe’s recommends, and an extra pinch of magic,” Maggie said, tamping down a patch of loose soil.

“Magic, smagic, whatever you’re feeding them, it’s working. Bet Ben’s proud,” she said, watching Mattie carefully.

“No doubt. If I wasn’t the one doing all the work, he’d take credit for every bloom,” she said, laughing.







6 thoughts on “Magic Fertilizer

  1. I thought for a second Ben might have been planted in the garden as well. 😀 I still believe the neighbor wonders why she hasn’t seen him lately. Ha ha ha Why else the careful look? I apologize for laughing. 😀


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