Tied in Knots

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#169 Prompt…so what time did you say it was?…

Bill walked into the kitchen. “Honey, can you help me?”

Carol laid the morning paper down, walked over and pushed his hands aside.

“How long have you been tying these things?”

“I know, just nervous, I guess.”
She looped the tie into a perfect knot and kissed him. “Relax, you’re gonna nail this interview.”

He pulled her close, “Thanks.”

She glanced at the clock and frowned.“So what time did you say it was?”

His gaze landed on the wall calendar below the clock. “Shit,” he said, yanking the tie loose, “It’s tomorrow.”

Carol’s laugh followed him down the hall.

9 thoughts on “Tied in Knots

    • Thanks so much for taking to time to comment. For some reason that’s the image that popped into my head upon reading the prop. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for becoming a fellow fence jumper. I look forward to more conversations.

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