Loves Appeal

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Ted Strutz

 Rochelle Wishoff-Fields’ weekly 100 word challenge.

Ellen cringed as the door squealed in protest. “Come inside,” she said waving to Bill.

“Are you crazy? This place is ancient.”

“Stop being negative. This place is perfect. Look at the windows, the light, and space. My God, it’s like an open canvas.” She spun around like a schoolgirl. “Can’t you see it?”

“What I see is a money pit,” he said lifting the cord on the strange switch box. “Who wired this place, Mickey Mouse?” He shook his head, “But, I see the appeal.”

She squealed, clapping her hands. “Yes?

“A suckers born every minute,” he said, smiling.

13 thoughts on “Loves Appeal

  1. This was a difficult photo, or would be for me, but you found just the right complement to it. I love the give and take between the couple, and that he came around in the end. 🙂


    • Thanks Judee glad you liked it. Although a lot of my work has a dark bent to it, once in awhile, I show my softer side. Lol. I so appreciate you taking the time to comment.


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