Editing Tools at Your Fingertips


I get the hibbie-jibbies every time I finish a work in progress, whether it’s a short story, flash fiction piece or blog post. Why? Because I’m convinced, the truth will come out and everyone will know I’m not a real writer. I mean, a real writer wouldn’t make stupid grammar mistakes, would they?

The truth is every writer makes grammar mistakes. Fortunately, successful writers can afford a proofreader and editor. Me? I rely on my fading memory and a few favorite editing tools.

Here are my top favorites:

1-  AutoCrit: Updated with fiction writers in mind, this program tops the list of  favorites editing tools. This program evaluates pacing, repetition, redundancies, dialog, and much more. It is my go-to editing program. Prices range from $5/month for  Gold membership to $12/month for professional. Check out this link for the different options available. You can, of course, give the program a free, but limited try. In my opinion, professional membership is the only way to go.

2- Grammarly: Is just what the name implies. It evaluates your writing for over 250 grammatical errors. Including punctuation, spelling, word choice (making suggestions), and detects plagiarism. This program is often used in colleges and universities for that purpose. Compatible with Word and Outlook, is is less friendly with a Mac product. Cost ranges from $29.95/month to $139.95 annually.

3- EditMinion: Simple to use, this free robotic copy editor pinpoints areas of weakness in seconds. The program highlights Adverbs, Weak Words, Said Passive Voice, Prepositions, Homonyms, and Clichés. A favorite of mine, its a fun way to tighten your prose.

4- ProWritingAid: Is a free online editing tool, similar to Grammarly‘s program. It checks for grammar, overused words, repetition, spelling, consistency, Clichés, and redundancies. It works with Word and Google Docs. I admit I haven’t used this tool as much but have heard favorable reviews. Cost for Premium program is $35/year; $55/2 years,$70/ 3 years, or $120/ Lifetime.



In addition, to these editing tools, I have a quick find folder on my desktop with the following sites:

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tricks

Words Writers Should Delete/Word Sharpeners

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

Elements of Style

Guide to Grammar and Writing


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