Open Next Christmas

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#162: The first prompt for 2015 is:    … As I put the decorations away I…


Mr. and Mrs. Santa has held an honored place on our Christmas tree for more than thirty years.

Santa’s foot tends to dangle while skin colored fabric pokes through Mrs. Santa’s hair.

As I put the decorations away, I savor the memories of  Christmases past and grieve the loss of the future.

Placing the tiny figures into the box marked, Open next Christmas, I send them to on where new memories are waiting to be made.

To my daughter,

In my absence, Mr. and  MRS. santa bring lots of love and a lifetime of memories.

I love you,


5 thoughts on “Open Next Christmas

    • So true and I believe building traditions, no matter how small, leave a wonderful legacy of love and memories to those we love, especially the children. Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by the Cow Pasture. I hope to hear more from you whenever you visit.


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