Descent into Madness

I watched in horror as the City of Ferguson Missouri burnt nearly to the ground. The reason? People (80% of Ferguson citizens) outraged and at the urging of Michael Browns step-father set it afire. Why? The Grand Jury, after 3 months, of deliberation in concert with the FBI decided the evidence did not warrant an indictment of the police officer, Darren Wilson.

Now I support peaceful protest. Our constitution affords us that right. However, the peaceful protestors were run over and taken hostage by violent thugs. And yes, I will call them thugs. Twenty-five businesses were destroyed, more than fourteen people injured, and 60 plus people arrested. Prior to the decision Brown’s family issued a statement for calm but when the decision went against them, the mother threw a fit, and the step-father screamed “burn this bitch down,” instigating violence and acts of arson.

I understand the grief of losing a child to violence. But Michael Brown was no child. He was a 300 lb. man. And he was no ‘gentle giant’. He was a criminal and a thug.

The evidence showed Brown, who had just committed a crime including roughing up the proprietor, attacked the officer while he sat in his car. Evidence showed early witnesses were completely discredited and other African Americans came forward to tell the truth, because as one stated, he was ‘disgusted by the lies’.

But the family, the race baitors like Al Sharpton did not want to hear the truth and they sure weren’t interested in justice. They were out for blood, literally as demonstrated from the violence, bullets and acts of arson which ran through the night.

And today? Again, it’s criticism of the police force. Why didn’t they stop this. Well let’s see. They tried the first time and was accused of militarization of the city. The President in his remarks, shockingly made before he heard the prosecutor lay out all the evidence, half-heartedly called for calm. He then stoked the fires by making remarks like, “The police need to work with the citizens not work against them.” He and his minion Eric Holder have been complicit in stoking the fires of racism from the start.

And let us not forget Governor Jay Nixon who days after the incident and before any investigation was completed called for a “vigerous prosecution.” In addition, on the worst night of violence after preparing for the National Guard to be on hand, was no where to be found. He, the only one with power to send in the guard, could not be reached by anyone. So the city burned down. What a spineless piece of work.

When was the last time such a ruckus was made by the White House over  Blacks shooting whites? Two cases in point: the black gang members who carjacked police officer Kevin Quick  of Virginia and killed him. Or the New Jersey teenager Brendan Devlin who was gunned down by a self-proclaimed jihadist. Yet, the President remained silent as did good old Al Sharpton. Then the President went on to imply  changing the police force  with equal representation of whites and blacks would make a difference. What?! Really?

Police officers are in cities like Ferguson because they are laden with crime. Black on black crime. Let’s talk about that and grown men taking responsibility instead of trying to lynch an innocent man who simply did his job.

When you have a city laden with crime and men who refuse to exert themselves to change their lives by committing to an education and striving for excellence, their future will never improve. Putting them on the police force for political expediency will change nothing.  Don’t bother giving me the song and dance of “Whoa is me, I’m underprivileged, poor, or discriminated against”.  I don’t buy it. We have a nation of people who have crawled up from despair and poverty to make something of themselves. Even immigrants flood this country seeking to improve their life. Some walking hundreds of miles for the opportunities they seek. What have these men and women of Ferguson done to improve their plight? They destroyed the city and the very livelihood many fought so hard to build. One African American man cried as he walked through the rubble of his business, “How will I feed my family now”?

What is and has transpired in Ferguson is a crime and should be met with the full impact of the law. Those who instigated, rioted and destroyed  businesses  should be dealt with promptly. If it takes police in military gear or the national guard – do it, be swift and certain.

If the people of Ferguson want equal treatment, stop acting like thugs and criminals and start acting like people who respect the law. Act like you have sense God gave a goat!

When our society allows this kind of criminal activity, racial agitators like Al Sharpton with back door access to the President continue unabated, when newspapers, reporters and social media try and convict without evidence, when behavior is excused in the guise of  violent protests for past or perceived wrongs – our country has descended into madness.

Tell me your story.

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