Multiple Personalties in the Cow Pasture

Hello World,

If you’re wondering about the different looks my blog has had over the past week, it hasn’t been a mirage. And no, I don’t have multiple personalities. Although, based on, “I Write Like …”  I’m not so sure.  Having run samples of my writing through this intriguing site, the instant analysis I received said I wrote like HG Wells, Cory Doctorow, Kurt Vonnegut, HPLovecraft, David Foster Wallace, and most often like, Stephen King.  You draw your own conclusions, but I digress.

My blog has and is still undergoing an overhaul. I am combining my blogger, of which I have multiple, and my WordPress accounts into one. It has not been an easy task and I ask for your indulgence. I had thought I was rather tech savvy until I nearly sent all blogs into the stratosphere never to return. Why bother? Well, plain and simple. I’m not getting any younger.

I am doing this for two main reasons. 1) For simplicity and organization. To clean house. And, 2) To get me back in the game of writing, something, anything. I have been out-of-pocket for a long time due to illness. You have heard from me  with a post on occasion, but the truth is I had no focus or energy to write. Then the docs gave me a huge dose of prednisone; a medication I detest taking because of the side effects. However,  with it came  a renewed focus and the energizer bunny has nothing on me.

I began blogging  in 2009 with Friendship of a Lifetime .  It was for a different reason than why I blog today. I spent time this week  reading through, Friendship, Morning Pages, my short stories, and other writings I’d completed since all this began in October of 2009. I discovered I’d come a long way as a writer, but  still have much to learn.  I’ve shared great writing tips along the way, as well as some heart-felt stories. Not to mention a few strong opinions and the occasional creepy flash fiction.

As time-consuming and exhausting as this process has been this week, it has reawakened my muse. Over the next week or so I will continue to re-vamp my blog. I am relocating my first blog,  Friendship of a Lifetime and featuring it as a page.  Written after the loss of my best friend of 37 years,  the posts are a poignant reminder to value friends. I am putting it out there, as is. At the time  I gave no thought to grammar or style, it was written from the heart and in a state of grief. So fair warning, you will find an abundant use of adverbs.

Also, I will be sharing more of my writing, and perhaps exerts from works in progress. I may continue to share tips or things of interest to fellow writers on this journey, but my Cow Pasture Chronicles will be more personal. You will see ME  revealed in the things I write and share with from Cow Pasture. Or perhaps it will be,  Cory, David, Kurt, HG, or Stephen…..

Tell me your story.

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